The GET RIPT KIT will not only help you shed those unwanted pounds, but add the lean muscle tissue needed to make you look and feel great. It’s a unisex formula containing the proprietary BodyComp Complex (BCC):


5 Alpha Hydoxy Laxogenin – enhances muscle mass and recovery by increasing protein synthesis and reducing protein breakdown, it is highly beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their physique. The best part is since it won’t affect your hormone levels, there is no real need to restrict Laxogenin use to a short period of time.

Cyandin 3 Glucoside (C3G) – works as a “nutrient partitioning” agent. Simply put, C3G drives the nutrients you get from food (calories mainly from fat and carbohydrates), away from the fat cell and redirects them into the muscle cell. Tell me that doesn’t sound great whether you come from the world of bodybuilding and fitness or just working on that dad-bod.

Forskolin 1,9 carbonate – What occurs is a shift in body composition toward lean mass. In other words, if you’re losing fat while gaining muscle, you might have a net-zero increase in body weight, but a dramatic shift in favor of lean-body composition.
Remember, the goal here is to gain muscle while losing fat, not “bulking up.” In other words, you’re bridging, not bulking. Not only that, you’re able to bridge year-round!

These are the components of the BCC that enhance every product in the GET RIPT KIT.

RIPT FUEL – Boosts metabolism and burns unwanted fat.

RIPT QUICK – sends carbs to fuel muscles and away from fat storage

RIPT DETOX – clears the body of toxins and primes it for fat burning

Get Ript Kit


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